He took some horrible pictures of me.

It is now two weeks since the political crisis started.

Byron lived in Boston for a long time.

Emil wouldn't let his children use his power tools.

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Will you send someone to fix it as soon as possible?

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My closet is full of things that I never wear.


Takeuchi is on the go day and night.

1980 is the year I was born.

I want you to understand this.


This is hopeless.

We'd better get out of the way.

There have been many attacks by molesters lately. Please try to walk on bright and well-frequented roads as much as possible.

I hope you won't mind.

I should've gone home.

They want to stay.

Guess what Elijah will do.

Mrs Thomas taught us history.

I saw the fight.


That's my opinion.


Apart from his parents, nobody would defend the suspect.

I carpool with them.

Dan is a linguist and a translator.

Walter was taken aback by John's cruel insult.

It's really early.

Hiding yourself won't help.

What's Suu's favorite color?

She has to take a remedial course in English.

I haven't spoken to Masanao.

You don't have to justify your decision.

I made an appointment to see the doctor at four o'clock.

Lie on the couch.

I hope it'll come, because the trash can is full.

You're really out of line, you know that.

These riots are engineered by Washington's neocons.

I don't even care if they hate me.

Shutoku asked Doug questions that she couldn't answer.


Andy might already be there.

I think about him often.

He comes home almost every weekend.


What's the problem this time?


He believes that humans are machine-animals.

I talked to Doug's old girlfriend.

Lawrence is violent and dangerous.

This fabric is very soft.

Don't keep the car in the barn.

Mix eggs with sugar.

It is remarkable that he said nothing at all.

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I try to take few medicines, if possible.

I'm still angry.

I thought Thuan would have found Sassan by now.

What made you think I didn't plan to go?

George speaks no French.

There are several kinds of cloud formations.

I'll never mention Ritalynne again.


Just tell me what Lui wants.

You said give it to Kristin.

I met with an old woman.

Did you find it on your car?

Enjoy your food.

He'll be here very soon.

The man standing over there is Mr Smith.

We spent our holiday exploring rural France.

Did you even know Jay could do that?

We'd better make sure.

That joke wasn't funny.

Breakfast was very good.

Would you put this in the safety deposit box?

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Do I get a prize?

You earned it.

I promise that I'll be there on time.

He's a bit younger than me.

Christie is a schemer.

You could stop this.

I included onions, carrots, and potatoes.

He's in prison.

Forty-eight sailors are on the ship.

You also teach her English?

Rodent is spoiled.


He boarded a plane bound for Los Angeles.

Jackie's efforts to help homeless people backfired on her.

Something I hadn't anticipated happened.

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What're you two doing?

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What would you do instead?


You and I need to have a talk.


It wouldn't have happened without you.

What aren't you telling us?

No doubt you will be able to pass the examination.

What's your favorite iPad app?

I was trying to help Leads.


The young adapt to change easily.

No one in the class runs as fast as he does.

She is proof against any temptation.

How could I make him fall for it?

Hippopotamuses live in Africa.

No one answered my question.

Are you having any difficulty breathing?

They bound her legs together.

I've gotten used to this climate.

I can't forsake a friend in trouble.

He ran through the streets naked.

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It was one of the great discoveries in science.


We all deserve respect.

Heavy taxes are laid on wine.

He succeeded in swimming across the river.

Can you tell me when to switch the machine off?

I dropped Trying off at the airport.

Give him some privacy.

I like to add new sentences to Tatoeba.

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Have you ever made a pie before?

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Do you think that really matters to any of us?

He made his way to presidency step by step.

It's a pleasure to finally meet you.

I'm going to sell my house.

Harry shuffled down the hall.

Is this your cat?

Success in exams doesn't mean a thing to her.


Can you pass me the towel?

The motel can accommodate as many as 400 guests.

Father and his companion will sow corn on the next hill.

She accuses me of calling her a liar.

Why did you listen to him?

My parents are against my marriage.

Thanks to his recommendation, I was able to get a teaching job at a college in Tokyo.

Where are you going to study?

We're crazy about each other.

Methinks thou art foolish!

That happens to be an unrelated matter.


She knows how to make dresses.

You should try and get some sleep.

Donn has been embezzling money from the company.

I couldn't get what you said.

She entered her terrier in a dog show.

My wife has given up all hope of convincing me to mow the lawn today.

I've decided to forgive Dewey.

It was not time for relaxing at a place like this.

Also cracks may form in buildings that aren't Earthquake proof.

They couldn't understand each other.

Clayton will finish serving his sentence next month.

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We narrowly missed the accident.

I hope your business trip to France was successful.

I was bewildered at the sight of his strange behavior.

I had to swerve to avoid hitting the dog.

Scot was not able to quit smoking.

If you only drink this juice for a few days, you'll get better.

Great figures don't meet high standards, but rather make their own.

She had entirely too much makeup on.

Haven't you ever done this before?

Mysore arrived on time in spite of the storm.

I go up to the rooftop when I want to see the blue sky.


The person in charge was named Cecilia.

I'm not your jester.

This material stretches easily.


I thought Tracey would eventually realize Sandeep didn't like him.

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You don't have a lot of time.

Could you please speak more quietly? I am hungover.

He kept walking up and down the room.


The earth is smaller than the sun.

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I haven't seen him since that time.


He has already gone to bed.

You sure do talk about Roland a lot.

Per promised to keep me posted on developments.

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Don't move. Don't even breathe.

Deborah has got this all worked out.

I still want to know.

Until then, Sanjay had never seen Pitawas in jeans.

Must I attend the party tonight?

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Woody was haunted by the demons of his past.